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Obtaining NCPEID Endorsement for APENS Examination Study Course

National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities

Policy Statement: Obtaining NCPERID Endorsement for APENS Examination Study Course


The purpose of this policy statement is to provide information on how to obtain NCPEID endorsement for any course where the primary purpose is to prepare students to take the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) examination. The policy applies to credit and non-credit courses offered on-line or in-person at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Persons interested in obtaining NCPEID/APENS study course endorsement must meet the criteria listed below. Minimum eligibility would include NCPEID membership, current CAPE certification, and affiliation with a regionally accredited university (see below for complete criteria and the endorsement application process).

Policy Statement for Endorsement and Suggested APENS Study Course Guidelines

The NCPEID and the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) Advisory Board recommend that courses (taught on-line or in-person for credit or noncredit) developed solely for the purpose of studying for the APENS exam NOT be used as a substitute or replacement for an adapted physical education teacher education course (e.g., Introduction to Teaching APE) in a physical education teaching certification program. An APENS study course is best suited to compliment more intense coursework found in typical physical education teacher education programs. The exam study course could also be used as a supplement in programs that use the APENS exam as an exit criteria or capstone course. Due to the comprehensive nature of the APENS content, it is strongly recommended that courses developed as an APENS exam review should involve practicing PK-12 and/or multiple higher education adapted physical education professionals during the asynchronous or synchronous aspects of the course (chat rooms, etc).

It should be noted that APENS exam study courses will NOT be recognized as part of the eligibility requirements necessary to sit for the APENS exam. NCPEID/APENS recognizes that additional APE coursework specific to teacher education beyond the scope of the exam study course is essential to providing qualified physical education services to students with disabilities.

Requesting NCPEID Endorsement for APENS Study Course

Anyone interested in offering a graduate or undergraduate on-line or in-person APENS Exam preparation/study course with endorsement from the NCPEID must submit a letter of request and proposal addressing the identified criteria to the APENS Board. The request should be submitted to the current APENS Chair (Dr. Tim Davis, APENS Chair, SUNY Cortland, Department of Physical Education, Park Center, PO Box 2000, Cortland, NY 13045; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; (607-753-4969). Requests will be reviewed by the APENS Chair and forwarded to the NCPEID/APENS Boards for approval. This process will take no longer than 4-6 weeks. Once approved, the NCPEID will send a letter of endorsement which can be used as part of the advertisement for the APENS Exam study course.

The endorsement will be reviewed for renewal consideration every two years by the APENS Chair. The life of the endorsement could last as long as the faculty member remains current within the NCPEID or if no significant changes are made to the content of the course that would require university/curriculum review. If the course is changed while endorsed, it is expected that the changes be reviewed by NCPEID/APENS to continue the endorsement. If the review determines that the content has changed significantly enough or the faculty has changed, the NCPEID/APENS Boards will reserve the right to withhold the endorsement until further review can be conducted. The NCPEID reserves the right to withdraw any endorsements upon prior notification to the endorsee.

Criteria for Endorsement

The following criteria must be addressed to receive NCPEID endorsement for an APENS exam study course:

  • The instructor is a current member of NCPEID.
  • The course is approved by the offering or home institution of higher education.
  • The instructor has demonstrated qualifications to teach the APENS study course.
  • The instructor possesses current CAPE certification.
  • The course addresses ALL 15 APENS standards.
  • The course outline/syllabus must indicate how each of the 15 standards will be addressed and the weight (time/emphasis) that will be given to each standard.
  • The instructor and students must have access to and use the most up-to-date APENS Standards Manual and APENS Study Guide as part of the course.
  • Content must be delivered in a format that meets ADA approved technology requirements.
  • Only courses offered through a regionally accredited university will be endorsed.
  • The instructor of record must be officially affiliated with the university through an appointment such as: full-time tenure track faculty, full- or part-time adjunct/ad-hoc, or other officially recognized status.

Submitting a Proposal for Endorsement Consideration

The following materials must be part of the proposal submitted for APENS study course endorsement consideration:

  • Cover letter requesting NCPEID endorsement.
  • Faculty resume/vitae.
  • NCPEID membership verification.
  • CAPE certification documentation.
  • Verification of university regional accreditation.
  • University approved syllabus or course outline.
  • Description of course to include how the 15 APENS standards will be addressed.
  • Documentation that the course has been reviewed and approved by participating university.
  • Verification or documentation that the course has been approved by the institution must accompany the proposal. The proposal must demonstrate the basic guidelines and criteria (established by a regionally accredited university) for credit bearing classes are being met.
  • Description of how the course will be offered (e.g., full semester, 8 week seminar) and advertised.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions regarding this study course endorsement policy statement or application process, contact:

  • Garth Tymeson, Ph.D., President
    NCPEID (
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For APENS Information Contact:
    Tim Davis, Ph.D., CAPE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    or visit the APENS web site at
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Current APENS On-line Study Course:
    PEP 558 Adapted Physical Education National Standards Professional Preparation
  • For more information contact:
    Scott Pedersen, Ph.D., CAPE
    New Mexico State University
    (505) 646-2071
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Position Statement Authored by:
Tim Davis, Ph.D., CAPE, State University of New York-College at Cortland (APENS Chair)
Cindy Piletic, Ph.D., Western Illinois University (NCPEID Vice President)
Garth Tymeson, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (NCPEID President)

Posted 2/16/07