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Board Meeting Minutes 7/19/2008

NCPERID New Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday July 19, 2008 (1:00-1:45 p.m.)

AAHPERD Headquarters, Reston, VA

Board Members Present: Ron Davis (President), Suzanna Rocco Dillon (At-Large Member), Simon Driver (At-Large Member), Sherry Folsom-Meek (At-Large Member), Cindy Piletic (Vice-President), Kristi Roth (At-Large Member) Garth Tymeson (Past-President), and Jiabei Zhang (Treasurer).

Calling of the Roll: Ron Davis, 1:18 p.m.

Meeting Items:

  1. Consortium management plans were distributed (legislative issues, national standards, grant writing, and national standards) and discussed. Management plans are 4 years old. Are they relative at this point or outdated; and should they be a guide?
  2. President agenda and goals were presented to board.
    • Improve the financial profile of NCPERID
    • Finalize a plan to address the day to day management, test implementation, and data base storage of results for the APENS
    • Increase scholarly opportunities for young professional members
    • Revise the NCPERID Bylaws
    • Discussion on group phone meetings: Ron will investigate Skype and start conference calls in early September
    • Issue: lifetime membership not on conference form. Ron will contact Garth about adding this on-line
    • Creating incentives to impact membership were discussed.
    • Using Zoomerang for elections was proposed; Ron will investigate this option
    • Suggestion to include grant seeking assistance as an offering through professional development at next year’s summer conference.
    • Program accreditation was discussed. It was made clear that the document is still a proposal and the proposal is a draft and not a NCPERID approved proposal until approved by the NCPERID board. It has not yet been approved by the board. It was noted that it also has not been approved by APAC. There is a concern that the document is not grounded in competencies was noted; nor are the standards identified.
  3. The board will look at the documents Ron provided and provide a response. They will look for alignment between management plans and Ron’s goals.
  4. The online conference evaluation will again be developed and sent out by the end of September 2008. Board was asked to think about how we can reorganize the conference to make it more manageable. A suggestion was made to develop a monograph of the information being presented.
  5. It was noted how helpful Carita was for conference preparations and local assistance with food. A proposal was made to provide her with a check of minimally $50. The board agreed to give her $50.

Meeting adjourned: 2:08 p.m.

Recording of minutes, Kristi Roth, At-Large Member

Respectfully submitted,
Manny Felix, Secretary.