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Board Meeting Minutes 7/17/2008

NCPERID Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday July 17, 2008 (1:30-4:30 p.m.)

AAHPERD Headquarters, Reston, VA

Board Members Present: Ron Davis (President-Elect), Simon Driver (At-Large Member), Manny Felix (Secretary), Sherry Folsom-Meek (At-Large Member), Cindy Piletic (Vice-President), Scott Pedersen (At-Large Member) Garth Tymeson (President), and Jiabei Zhang (Treasurer).

Other Members Present: Ruth Nearing

Materials Distributed:

  • Meeting agenda
  • April 10, 2008 Minutes (from membership meeting at Fort Worth AAHPERD Convention)
  • 2007-08 NCPERID Budget Account Activities
  • Membership and Registration Information for the 2008 Conference

Calling of the Roll: Garth Tymeson, 12:49 p.m.

Announcements: April Tripp resigned from the board due to personal reasons. Scott Pedersen will be moving in January 2009 to a new position in Australia.

Meeting Items:

  1. Proof of notice for meeting or waiver of notice: Meeting notice was posted in the conference program and on the website.
  2. Approval of Minutes from last Board/Membership Meeting (AAHPERD Convention Board/ Membership Meeting, Ft. Worth, April 10, 2008): Motion (Folsom-Meek)/Second (Pedersen)/Approved (8-0)
  3. Reading Communications
  4. Reports of Officers and New Members
    • Treasurer’s Report (July 2007-Current) - Jiabei Zhang (Treasurer, Western Michigan University) reported an account balance of $11,680.94 as of July 15, 2008.
    • Membership Report (from Treasurer for 2007-08)
      • Handout of Membership and Registration Information for the 2008 Conference was distributed.
      • It was recommended that the Consortium institute PayPal for on-line membership and/or conference registration.
      • Approximately 200 people are on the email distribution list but probably only 30-40 people are paid members. Do we want to remove people from our email distribution list if they don’t pay membership dues? Proposal by Garth Tymeson: Give unpaid members until December 15, 2008 to pay. Current members get an asterisk on website. Unpaid members do not get email information.
      • It was recommended that the Consortium consider getting a credit card.
  5. Reports of Committees
    • Conference Planning Committee (Cindy Piletic, Vice President – Western Illinois University)
      • Overall expenses (rental of AAHPERD basement conference room, shuttles, snacks, Thursday lunch, etc.) was approximately $2,000. Crown Plaza Dulles hotel booked 27 rooms which was more than in the past).
      • The AAHPERD room fee was $700. The NCPERID is saving a good amount of money by having conference at AAHPERD.
      • Thank you to Carita for organizing snacks. A suggestion was made to provide her with a gift certificate for her assistance.
    • APENS Committee (Tim Davis, APENS Committee Chair, SUNY Cortland)
      • Tim Davis was not present.
      • Tymeson - We anticipated that Tim was going to provide the Board with a summary of his presentation to the membership later at this conference.
    • Tymeson - In future, committee chairs to submit written report so that they can be posted on the website by July 1 (approximately 2-3 weeks before conference).
  6. Unfinished Business
    • Results of Board vote/comments regarding APENS proposals
      • The board unanimously supported all 3 proposals: (1) Revision and expansion of website; (2) Develop online learning modules; and, (3) Exploration of partnership with testing company.
    • Revision of bylaws and NCPERID organization issues (related to content of bylaws)
      • The bylaws are outdated and several issues/questions have evolved in the past 2 years through preliminary review of current bylaws. There was general consensus that the bylaws need to be revised ASAP. Ron will expand more on bylaws at New Board meeting on Saturday.
      • The consortium will be doing a complete review and revision of the bylaws. Current bylaws indicate that the full membership must approve bylaw changes. Ruth Nearing suggested that when the proposed bylaws are sent to the membership, the current bylaws also need to be sent. Cindy Piletic has the current bylaws document with draft of proposed changes to date in italics.
      • It was suggested that proposed bylaws address specific content and the sequence of agenda for Board and Membership meetings.
      • Need for Nominations/Elections Committee?
        • The board needs to be active in getting people to run for office. If we have board that works to get people running, then the consortium does not need a nominations/elections committee.
      • Need for Membership Committee
        • This committee has not been active in years. We need an active membership committee. The NCPERID is not well known to many other disability and physical activity professional organizations.
      • Structure and function of APENS Committee was discussed.
        • The APENS committee has had the same membership since it first started (Tim Davis, Ron French., Luke Kelly., and Hester Henderson.) and should have new members. According to the bylaws, these members are elected.
      • Structure and function of Legislative Committee
        • Bob Arnhold and Dave Auxter have served on this committee for many years. The committee needs to continue to be active and stay in tune with IDEA reauthorization. This committee needs to be on top of the new reauthorization of IDEA in the next 3-4 years. We need to take part in public hearing for the next reauthorization and mount a campaign of letter writing from across country (PK-12, higher education, parents, professional organizations, etc.).
          • NCPERID did not have any letters in for public comment regarding the reauthorization of IDEA (2004). Physical education language in the law has changed.
        • There is a need to get more people interested in and active on this committee now at this conference (as well as membership and APENS committees).
      • Is the ADVOCATE newsletter necessary? Or, do email blasts get information out in a better manner? The Board supports ending the ADVOCATE if information is consistently sent to the membership and the website provides an update/recent news section.
      • NCPERID authored statements (position statements and joint projects i.e. with APAC) must be disseminated to the membership for feedback. Thereafter, the board makes a decision to approve or disapprove.
      • Student members should have voting privileges. This needs to be clear in the revised bylaws.
      • A student representative should be on the Board.
      • What minutes are approved at which meetings? Who needs to vote? Board only? Full membership? Can this be done via email? These issues need to be addressed and included in the revised bylaws.
      • Committee chairs and officers should compose summaries of roles/responsibilities for inclusion as appendices in the revised bylaws. This is necessary as new officers and committee chairs assume positions.
      • Proposed bylaws revisions should be sent to the Board by Nov 1, 2008.
  7. New Business
    • Election results - Kristi Roth (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) and Suzanna Rocco Dillon (Wayne State University) are new At-Large Board Representatives for 2008-2010. They replace April Tripp and Scott Pedersen. Thanks for April and Scott for their service.
    • Several key elections for next year - President-elect; two At-Large Board Reps to replace Sherry Folsom-Meek and Simon Driver; Treasurer to replace Jiabei Zhang; and Secretary to replace Manny Felix. Board members need to be active in getting people in those positions.
    • A proposal to expand the Awards Committee from three to five was passed. Motion (Meek)/Second (Pedersen)/Approval (8-0).
    • Renew “webmaster” for 2008-09 (Dr. Rick Mikat, UW-L, was paid $1500. for 2007-08); He has agreed to do it again if we want his services. Other web items: Higher education job announcements; APENS proposal discussion board; APE professional preparation program directory; and funded OSERS grants are now posted. Do we want to have separate listing for APE graduate assistantship positions? GAs funding is currently part of the program directory, but not separate like the OSERS grant listing; Do we need a website committee or monitoring group? On-going enhancements? PayPal for memberships and conference registration? Do we want to keep all current names on email directory and distribution list? Or, should it only be paid members?
      • Discussion took place regarding a page on the website for APE graduate assistantship advertising. It has to be full-time APE GA responsibilities; not generic GA positions for departments.
      • Expand the current drop down chart to indicate %APE in GA position.
        • People who input all information will be on the list in chart
        • Garth Tymeson will stay on as the web person to maintain with Rick Mikat (if board wants his services)
    • Location and dates for Summer 2009 conference (should be aligned with OSERS Project Directors Meeting again, other potential conflicts?) July 16 and July 23, 2009 are Thursdays. Conference theme/focus? Suggestions for speakers/keynoters? Ron and Cindy will have more on this at Saturday’s new board meeting.
      • Many advantages and conveniences of having the conference in DC area.
    • Plans for membership meeting at 2009 AAHPERD National Convention – Tampa, FL (is this necessary now that we have email communication, etc. Cost of trip for officers?
      • It was determined that we don’t need a formal meeting, but we do need to communicate via APAC meeting. Have selected NCPERID officers at APAC meeting to make Consortium related announcements, we maintain a presence.
    • IDEA 2004 PE changes and implications – do we want to gear up for next IDEA reauthorization to get original wording back into the law and regulations?
      • When the proposed IDEA 2004 rules and regulations came out, they anticipated no changes in PE; however, the ED got comments from school administrators and the new phrase came in that has impacted on many students.
      • We need to get the new board to get on this immediately so when the new reauthorization comes, we will be ready (like how the TR profession responded to IDEA 2004 – Garth Tymeson has a copy of their hundreds of letters that were sent in during the public comments phase of reauthorization)
    • Name change: Do we want to conduct a brief on-line survey in Sept/Oct 2008 to gather feedback from the membership about name change for organization? This will follow the Past Presidents comments at this year’s conference. Process for voting? Need for ad hoc committee? Or, who oversees this?
      • Send out a survey? Possibly with 3-4 names.
      • Keep PE in the name, delete recreation?
      • Think AAHPERD can help NCPERID if we educate them – legislatively; communicating through Executive Directors and state Presidents, etc.
    • President’s comments/reflections
      • Garth Tymeson appreciated and thanked the board for the opportunity to be part of this organization and serve as president-elect and president.
      • Lots of exciting and quality things going on with NCPERID
        • Professional opportunities and networking - there is a lot of potential to continue collaborations and we need to get more involved with other organizations to maximize our impact.
        • Garth thanked the board members for their contributions and leadership.
      • Challenges
        • Need to be more linked with other organizations
        • Linkages with external agencies
        • Being active in the next IDEA reauthorization is critical
        • Lack of federal grant proposal submissions
        • Veteran members need to help the younger professionals in APE
        • Need to be ready and proactive with position statements such as evidence-based programming.
        • Membership is key; need to get many new members
    • Ron Davis (Texas Woman’s University), President-Elect, shared some preliminary thoughts, plans, goals, etc. with the Board prior to the conference.
      • Ron appreciates the work of Garth. It will be a challenge to keep up the good work that has been done in the past 3 years. Ron plans on using the board. The board will be active.
      • Would like to develop more opportunities to create scholarly activities that will help NCPERID and junior faculty members
      • NCPERID needs to bring the APENS operation back into the overall budget
      • Endorsement of professional preparation programs – a proposal (not endorsed by NCPERID) was given to AAPAR. We need to track this item.
      • Make NCPERID more attractive for young professionals to be a part of this activity
    • Examples: learning to write grant proposals, writing position statements, etc.

Meeting adjourned: 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Manny Felix, Secretary