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Membership Meeting Minutes 7/18/2008

NCPERID Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday July 18, 2008 (5:15-6:30 p.m.)

AAHPERD Headquarters, Reston, VA

Board Members Present: Ron Davis (President-Elect), Simon Driver (At-Large Member), Manny Felix (Secretary), Sherry Folsom-Meek (At-Large Member), Cindy Piletic (Vice-President), Scott Pedersen (At-Large Member) Garth Tymeson (President), and Jiabei Zhang (Treasurer).

Members Present: Amy Aenchbacher, Deb Berkey, Luis Columna, Diane Craft, Suzanna Rocco Dillon, Hester Henderson, Linda Hilgenbrinck, Mihye Jeong, David Lorenzi, Rebecca Lytle, Luke Kelly, Dave Martinez, Jeff McCubbin, Marybeth Miller, Tom Moran, Nathan Murata, Iva Obrusnikova, Ruth Nearing, Dave Porretta, Teri Todd, Dale Ulrich, and Joe Winnick.

Materials Distributed:

  • Meeting agenda
  • April 10, 2008 Minutes (from membership meeting at Fort Worth AAHPERD Convention)
  • 2007-08 NCPERID Budget Account Activities
  • Membership and Registration Information for the 2008 Conference

Calling of the Roll: Garth Tymeson, 5:15 p.m.

Announcements: Board members were introduced. April Tripp resigned from the board due to personal reasons.

Meeting Items:

  1. Proof of notice for meeting or waiver of notice: Meeting was posted in the conference program and on the website.
  2. The minutes from the last Board/Membership Meeting (AAHPERD Convention Board/Membership Meeting, Ft. Worth – April 10, 2008; green handout) was passed at yesterday's board meeting.
  3. Reports of Officers
    • Treasurer’s Report (July 2007-Current), Jiabei Zhang – Western Michigan University
      • Account balance as of July 15, 2008: $11,680
      • Human Kinetics royalties come in 2x/yr (for APENS Manual) about $400 each
    • Membership Report (from Treasurer for 2007-08)
      • 57 members as of today:
      • Garth Tymeson: Board discussed email listserv on website – probably have over 200 on list serve, many nonmembers
        • Board will let them pay up by Dec 15, if not paid, they will not be on list serve for announcements, etc.
  4. Reports of Committees
    • Conference Planning Committee (Cindy Piletic, Vice President – Western Illinois University)
      • Wednesday night rate was a weeknight rate; $89 rate was only given for Th/F/Sat nights
      • Thanks to Luke, Bob, and Carita who brought in snacks/beverages for the conference
      • Conference cost = about $2,000 (AAHPERD room rental $700)
      • Will be sending out an evaluation via website
      • Garth Tymeson thanked Cindy Piletic for planning conference
    • APENS Committee (Tim Davis, APENS Committee Chair, SUNY Cortland)
      • Thanks to APENS committee members
      • The new website is posted at
      • Scott Pederson will help with the development of online modules
      • Currently there are about 1,500 CAPES
        • Texas has the highest number of CAPES
        • 87 CAPES from July 08 to date
        • Seeing increase in number of masters programs that require APENS exam for graduation
      • Tomorrow there will be a discussion: Future Directions for APENS
      • APENS will explore the use of PayPal for on-line registration/payments
      • A sign-up sheet was distributed to solicit volunteers to participate in some of the APENS initiatives.
  5. Unfinished Business
    • Results of Board email vote/comments regarding APENS proposals.
      • Board unanimously voted to support the 3 proposals – recommendations/proposals will go forward by APENS Committee starting TODAY.
    • Revision of bylaws is currently taking place. The following issues (related to content of bylaws) have been discussed for further consideration:
      • Should all members have to approve bylaw changes - or just the Board? A certain percentage of those voting?
      • Is a newsletter necessary? Or, do emails messages get the job done? Frequency of?
      • Position Statements? Can Board approve or does entire membership need to approve? How? This is needed for NCPERID authored statements and joint projects (i.e., with APAC).What is the process for NCPERID to endorse an internal or external statement/position paper?
      • Should student members have voting privileges? (this needs to be in bylaws)
  6. New Business
    • Election results : Cindy Piletic was “re-elected” as VP for 2008-2010 (2 more years). Kristi Roth and Suzanna Rocco Dillon will be the new At-Large Board Representatives for 2008-2010 (replacing April Tripp and Scott Pedersen)
    • Several key elections will be held in March/April 2009 for start in July 2009. New officers will be sought for President-elect, two At-Large Board Reps (to replace Sherry Folsom-Meek and Simon Driver), Treasurer to replace Jiabei Zhang, and Secretary (to replace Manny Felix)
      • The NCPERID needs help from the membership in identifying people to fill these positions
    • Awards Committee Chair (Hester Henderson, U of Utah) has requested expanding the committee from 3 to 5 members (including Chair) starting ASAP for 2009 awards process
      • Board approved adding 2 people to awards committee. The Board will leave it up to Hester to recruit 2 new members.
      • The board renewed Dr. Rick Mikat's (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) contract as the “webmaster” for 2008-09. Dr. Mikat was paid $1500 for 2007-08 and has agreed to do it again if we want his services. Other web items:
        • There is a new higher education APE job posting page
        • You can edit your program/institution information
        • A recent add is the OSERS funded federal APE grant programs
        • A section on APE GA positions will be added in fall 2008
        • Garth will work with Dr. Mikat to utilize PayPal for online membership and conference payments.
      • Location and dates for Summer 2009 conference
        • This is first year this conference is aligned with OSERS Grant Project Director’s meeting (in DC) which has worked well.
        • The Board is open for conference themes, speakers, keynoters, etc.
        • Issues discussed:
          • Should conference be any longer? Maybe another half day? Maybe have board meeting in the AM, then have conference beginning in the PM. From west coast, better for all day Fri/Sat.
          • Do we want a half day workshop? Ex. grant writing; Response to Intervention, other topics?
      • Plans for membership meeting at 2009 AAHPERD National Convention – Tampa, FL (is this necessary now that we have email communication, etc. Cost of trip for officers?
        • Current bylaws state that we will have a meeting at the AAHPERD convention and TR conference every year. The board feels that this is not necessary if we have email/conference-call communications during the year.
        • It was made aware of the importance to have representation at the APAC meetings to stay connected and keep communication line opens.
          • Would like to have representation there.
          • If increasing members, AAHPERD conference may be good avenue to recruit junior faculty/new members.
      • IDEA 2004 PE changes and implications – We need to be prepared for the next IDEA reauthorization to get original wording back into the law and regulations.
        • When regulations initially came out, there were no anticipated changes in PE; however, school administrators made recommendations through public comments. The final rules and regulations indicate that PE services now do not have to be provided to children receiving special education if the school does not provide PE services to nondisabled children at same grade level unless the IEP indicates otherwise.
        • We had a major change that slipped by most people. TR folks had act together and had nationwide campaign to try to get TR on all IEPs –WE had no letters regarding the continued importance of PE and to keep the current wording in the law.
        • We need to make an early commitment in order to gear up now for the next IDEA reauthorization to get original wording back.
  7. President’s comments/reflections
    • Garth thanked the organization for the opportunity to serve and lead.
    • Lots of exciting quality things because of people in this room and others in NCPERID.
    • Garth cited the positives of this organization including:
      • Good leadership/board
      • Great deal of respect from outside organizations
    • Garth identified future challenges for the consortium including:
      • IDEA Reauthorization
      • More external collaborations with organizations, agencies, etc.
      • Increase federal personnel development grant applications
      • Need to be ready with position papers (evidence-based practice papers)
      • Legislative issues/challenges
  8. Incoming Presidents Preliminary Thoughts
    • Ron Davis stressed the importance of his reliance on the board and membership to move forward.
    • Ron thanked Garth for his quality commitment and service.

Adjourn: 5:38 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Manny Felix, Secretary