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Past NCPEID Presidents

The National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID) was founded in 1975 by a group of higher education professionals with a vision for quality personnel preparation, research/demonstration, and service. Since then, numerous prominent leaders in the academic disciplines of Adapted Physical Education/Activity and Therapeutic Recreation have served as president of the Consortium. Many of these past presidents are authors of the scholarly textbooks and significant research/demonstration projects that serve as the foundations for effective physical activity and recreation programming for individuals with disabilities. Below is a listing of these leaders and the institutions represented while they served as NCPEID president. These persons have also served as mentors to many current professionals in this field.


Name University at time of Presidency Year
Dr. Leon Johnson University of Missouri 1975
Dr. John Nesbitt University of Iowa 1976
Dr. Claudine Sherrill Texas Woman’s University 1977
Dr. Dennis Vinton University of Kentucky 1978
Dr. Joseph Winnick State University of New York-College at Brockport 1979
Dr. David Compton University of Missouri 1980
Dr. John Dunn Oregon State University 1981
Dr. Fred Humphrey University of Maryland 1982 (deceased 1994)
Dr. Ernie Bundschuh University of Georgia 1983 and 1984
Dr. Louis Bowers University of South Florida 1985
Dr. Charles Bullock University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1986
Dr. Michael Churton Appalachian State University, NC 1987
Dr. Gene Hayes University of Tennessee 1988
Dr. John Hall University of Kentucky 1989
Dr. Robert Cipriano Southern Connecticut State University 1990
Dr. Luke Kelly University of Virginia 1991
Dr. Jeff McCubbin Oregon State University 1992-94 (first 2-year term President)
Dr. Gail Webster Kennesaw State University, GA 1994-96
Dr. David Porretta Ohio State University 1996-98
Dr. Diane Craft State University of New York-College at Cortland 1998-2000
Dr. Jim Decker East Carolina University, NC 2000-01
Dr. Heidi Stanish St. Francis Xavier University - Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada 2001-02
Dr. Laurie Zittel Northern Illinois University 2002-2004
Dr. Bob Arnhold Slippery Rock University, PA 2004-2006
Dr. Garth Tymeson University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 2006-2008
Dr. Ron Davis Texas Woman's University 2008-2010
Dr. Martin E. Block University of Virginia 2010-2012
Dr. Terry Rizzo California State University at San Bernadino 2012-2014
Dr. Suzanna Dillon Texas Woman's University 2014-2018